Committee will review International Health Regulations (IHR)

An international committee of 16 members, including Preben Aavitsland of Epidemi, will review the effectiveness of the IHR before and under the Ebola outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on 10 August the composition and objectives of the IHR Review Committee.

The International Health Regulations (2005) are an international legal instrumental aimed at strengthening global health security by mandating national capacity building in detection and response to acute public health events, reporting requirements and internatjonal coordination of the response to public health emergencies of international concern.

– I look forward to serving on this committee and will work hard to fulfil the Committee’s objectives as defined by the World Health Assembly in May, Aavitsland comments. Preben2

Read the WHO release here, including the Committee’s mandate and membership.

Aavitsland also participated in the IHR Review Committee after the 2009 influenza pandemic. (Read the report.)


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